This woman right here is the one you will find behind 'Kimberley Jessica Photography'.

I'm Kim (or Kimberley), living in a village in the outskirts of Hertfordshire/Essex. 

I'm a primary school teacher in Harlow - Essex, a student and an oval racing photographer. 


I have loved photography from the moment I was able to pick up a camera and press the little button which captures an incredible moment (or something random as I was wasn't paying attention). 

I received my first camera as a birthday present when I was around 10 years old and since then my passion for photography has increased - I love taking photos of absolutely everything and anything.

As I've grown older, I have received cameras for Christmas as newer ones were released, which eventually brought a Nikon d3200 into my hands - the camera which I shot my Mildenhall 2019 photos with. - I sold it, and miss it greatly. 

Since shooting that meeting, I have upgraded to a Nikon d5600 and a Nikon d500 which are the cameras you will find me holding at most meetings. 


I have been attending banger racing meetings ever since the moment I was born.

Fortunately I was born into a family of mechanics and racers so I had the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing for all my life. 

I distinctively remember photographing meetings at Henham Raceway (now called Stansted) and Mildenhall with a crappy old phone with 2MP - the quality was absolutely horrendous and the photos are now god knows where, but I enjoyed it and that it was mattered most. 

I stopped attending banger racing in 2012 and as I was too young to attend meetings on my own, and my family's interest drifted over to drifting - resulting in my unraced car being sold. But I knew for so long that my heart was set on bangers and I needed to eventually go back to that. 

In 2019, I had a 'fuck it' moment and decided to drag my mum along to Mildenhall on a very cold yet beautiful day in November for the gala meeting - this was where my passion for photography and racing came back together again. These photos are still my favourite to this very day. 

Since then, I attended the Christmas Cracker at Kings Lynn in 2019 which was the first time I ever stepped foot in the Adrian Flux Arena, and they haven't been able to get rid of me since. 


2020 was a challenging year to get out and photograph all meetings due to physical health being restrictive and a pandemic which unfortunately hit, but I'm hoping to get out and attend as many meetings as possible at both Mildenhall and Kings Lynn in 2021 - to capture banger racing from a different perspective. 


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